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The Foreign Language Self-Study Room was established by the Department of Applied Foreign Languages in September 2002 to promote the learning of foreign languages throughout the university. Originally, the center was located in a converted classroom, but in 2003 it was moved to its current location on the 5th floor of Building S and completely renovated and upgraded.


The center is notable for its bright, spacious and elegant design, more reminiscent of a high-class bookstore than a classroom, and contains three primary study spaces:


1. The reading and writing space.

Filled with natural light, this space is available for students to make use of the reading and writing resources of the center, which include language learning magazines, graded readers, novels, dictionaries and reference books. Whether they are completing assignments set in foreign language classes, or pursuing language study on their own, students find this a comfortable and inviting space to work in.


2.The multimedia space.

Occupying its own elevated parquetry floor, this space offers high-technology language learning facilities for up to 50 students at a time. At their own computer workstations, students can make use of the school’s on-line learning resources, which include instructional programs, practice tests and workplace English programs. Alternatively, they can sharpen their listening skills with one of the many foreign language movies or television series offered by the center.


3.The oral practice space.       

In this studio-like space, students can work cooperatively on foreign language speaking tasks, such as recording conversations and practicing role plays. There are also four computer workstations which have been installed with pronunciation-learning software. Students who wish to practice their English pronunciation can work at their own pace and receive feedback on their progress.


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