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The Chia Nan University Foreign Language Center was officially established in August 2010 to promote the teaching and learning of English and other foreign languages across the campus. The main functions of the center are as follows:

  1. To administrate the implementation of required English courses for first-year students. This includes developing curricula, choosing teaching materials, conducting placement and achievement tests, timetabling classes, administering credit transfers, and cooperating with the Department of Applied Foreign Languages in selecting teachers and conducting in-service training.
  2. To organize and conduct accredited English proficiency tests on campus, to encourage students to take these tests, and to assist students to prepare for them.
  3. To administer the English Self-Study Center (S501), by supervising student use of the center, maintaining learning resources and equipment, purchasing new learning materials, and facilitating self-study programs such as the English Self-Study Passport.
  4. To stimulate interest in the learning of English and other foreign languages through the organization of inter-departmental competitions, guest speakers, and overseas study tours.
  5. To cooperate in the design and implementation of special projects which involve the promotion of foreign language learning, such as the 100-101 Teaching Excellent Project, and in activities and programs of international cooperation and exchange.
  6. To implement the university’s English language graduation requirement, through the organization of in-school proficiency tests, the verification of results of external tests, and the organization of self study and training programs to assist students to meet this requirement.

The Foreign Language Center is currently classified as a second-level academic unit, and belongs to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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